Templestowe Junior Football Club

Drugs & Alcohol Abuse

Drugs & Alcohol Abuse


Drugs of Addiction


The use of any drug of addiction of any reason will not be tolerated within the club. Should any player be in possession of such drugs or under the influence of drugs, the following sanctions will apply –

  • Suspension pending investigation,
  • Permanent disqualification of membership of the club.


Drugs prescribed by medical professions are exempt from this policy. The policy is intended to deal with unlawful consumption of drugs




Consumption of alcohol at any junior sports event is not permitted. A junior sports event is defined as one where the primary purpose of the occasion is in the participation of sporting activities.


We will not accept advertising material supporting the use of alcohol products at junior sporting events.


Templestowe Junior Football. Club is an active participant in the Responsible Serving of Alcohol program.


Persons serving alcohol within the confines of the club must have accreditation under the RSA program.


Persons under the influence of alcohol at junior sporting events will be requested to vacate the premise and immediate environs. Sanctions will involve –

  • Request to desist,
  • Request to leave premises


If you have any questions in regard to these policies and their implications please contact your Team Manager, Coach or consult a member of the General Committee.