Templestowe Junior Football Club

Club Song

In 2015 the club changed it’s song to reflect the name change to the Templestowe Junior Football Club.

The Doncaster Heights Warriors will always be the parent club of Templestowe Juniors and it was uppermost in the club’s thoughts to recognise and honour its history, through the words of the new song.

Donny Heights’ continues also to be recognised on our honour boards, our playing jumpers, through the Donny Heights End at both grounds at Templestowe and now in the words of our theme song.

Our new song is sung with gusto to the tune of the Richmond theme song.


Oh we’re from Templestowe;
The mighty footballers
Of Templestowe.
In any weather you will see us with a grin,
Playing hard to win,
We’re Warriors that play as one
Never giving in.
Oh we’re from Templestowe;
We never quit until the final siren’s gone.
Like the Heighters of old,
We’re strong and we’re bold,
Oh we’re from Temple…- “Old Donny Heights”
Oh we’re from Templestowe!